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How to Store Our Honey

Storing our famous South Georgia Honey is easy. Simply keep it in a room temperature location away from direct sunlight in a tightly covered container. It is not necessary to place our honey in your refrigerator because this will cause the honey to crystallize. Do not be alarmed if stored honey becomes cloudy. This ‘cloudiness’ is called crystallization. It is not harmful nor is it any indication of deterioration. In fact, honey has an indefinite shelf life thanks to its high concentration of sugar.

Like all pure honey, our pure honey will begin to crystallize over long periods of time, even if kept in the best conditions.  When this happens, simply heat the jar in a pan of hot water, stirring while heating. This will cause the crystals to disappear and will not affect the flavor nor coloring.

Please note, the honey that is sold in supermarkets all across America is NOT pure, raw honey. It is blended, heated and generally not made in the United States. Those that produce honey for supermarkets heat their honey to 181°F for 24 hours. This process destroys most of the inherently good and healthy qualities of honey. This process also removes honey’s active glucose oxidase which supplies oxygen to the digestive track.  Pure honey, like ours, is reputed to prevent botulism poisoning, relieve constipation and prevent congestion in the intestinal track. When honey goes through the process to make it ready for supermarkets, the healthy enzyme is destroyed and/or removed.