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Papa's Private Selection

Private selection is 100% pure, raw, and unfiltered - as the label reads only a few drums make this cut - it is a limited supply only produced as nature allows! This honey gets its mild, almost buttery taste from the native plants that are grown around the Okefenokee Swamp.
Papa's Private Selection is a premium - top of the line honey - it is collected from the water white honey comb that is packaged in square cassettes. When we slice into the comb to cut it to fit containers - this is the “Pure Liquid Gold” that drips from the honey comb. In years past we just added this to our other drums of honey - but in 2015 we decided that there was something special about this honey - it was our families favorite. Our customers asked for years for a raw, unfiltered, local honey - so a new product was born.

We knew a regular label would not do - this honey is rare and unlike any other - so the black label seemed to do it justice!

Papa’s private selection was named after my father “Papa Winston” as his grandkids call him.