Located in dwindling habitats of rural South Georgia where untamed forests are comprised of towering pine trees, lavish palmettos, and an abundant layer of wildflower undergrowth, our bees are able to produce a quality of honey unlike any other. Located on the boundaries of the Okefenokee Swamp these prime locations enable our bees to produce the highest and purest quality of honey available. 

This variety of honey is locally known as Gallberry Honey and is primarily created from the extraction of nectar from the Gallberry Bush
(Ilex Glabra). This type of honey is rare and a mild form is only produced in specific areas of South Georgia and North Florida.  

Our Famous Gallberry Honey

Our perfect location also allows us to produce a specialty variety known as Comb Honey, which is the purest and rawest type of honey available. The comb is cut directly from the beehive and is shipped straight to you, either in cassette boxes or with liquid honey in a jar. This specialty honey is only produced in these ideal locations in South Georgia and North Florida. Nowhere else in the entire world is this type of honey produced, however, it is shipped all over the world because of its rarity and taste.

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